Social WiFi Marketing Means More Customers
for Restaurants and Hotels

Social WiFi Marketing Means More Customers for Restaurants and Hotels

When you own a restaurant or hotel, you understand that you only have a business if your customers keep showing up. The good news is that keeping customers happy can be done in a huge variety of ways. Social Wi-Fi marketing is particularly useful in this respect. People spend massive amounts of time online these days, so one of the best ways to bring customers in and attract new customers is to offer free Wi-Fi in your establishment. By using your branding when they log in to your network, you add value to your business. By allowing people to use their social profiles, you make the experience almost effortless, which reflects well on any restaurant or hotel experience.

Why Offer WiFi?

Did you know that 62% of local business customers will stay around longer if the location they are in offers free Wi-Fi? Staying longer can mean more coffee or more shopping. When you have a restaurant, the longer customers stay, the more likely they are to order additional food and drinks. This boosts your profits and extends the time customers are there. It also means that they will be posting more from your location. This can be great for your business if you have set up social Wi-Fi, in which case customers posting to social media from your location will be showing their contacts that they are at your establishment. This draws in new potential customers who want to check out your place for themselves. Businesses that offer free Wi-Fi to generate sales succeed at a rate of 72%. If you own a restaurant, then free Wi-Fi is a must. It has been shown that 64% of hungry customers choose where to eat based on whether the location has free Wi-Fi. The reality is that people often care more about the quality of their connection than the quality of the food they eat! If your restaurant, café, or snack bar offers Wi-Fi, then customers are more likely to come to you, and get both!

How Social WiFi Boosts Your Marketing Success

Having a presence on social media is essential for any modern business. When you have free Wi-Fi at your location, you can use it to grow your online presence. And in many different ways. Over 78% of small businesses bring in new customers solely from their social media. For example, a lot of apps allow users to “check in.” That means that everyone sees where their contacts go throughout the day. People get curious and investigate those locations. When you have free Wi-Fi at your location, the patron using it will need to sign into your system. After signing in, you can have them redirected to your page on social media where you can ask them to “like” or “share” your page. Another way to boost your reputation and brand awareness is to have the Wi-Fi send them over to a review site such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, or Google where they can then be asked to leave a positive review for you. You can even switch up the places you send them so they have the opportunity to review you at a different site each time they connect. You can also offer a promotion to convince the patron to leave you a positive review. Things like: “Leave a Review for the Chance to Win Dinner For 2” or “10% off After Reviewing” encourage enthusiastic reviews and provide motivation. By redirecting your visitors to a review site after they log into your free Wi-Fi, you increase the chances of them leaving a review or commentary on your hotel. Customers who are redirected in this way, leave a far greater number of reviews than customers who are left to their own devices.

Make a Start with Social WiFi

Having free Wi-Fi is easy to set up and the benefits will boost your hotel’s bottom line for years to come. According to Hotel Chatter, 94% of customers say that Wi-Fi is the most important amenity they look for. Since only 64% of hotels offer free Wi-Fi, doing so will immediately make a difference to your business. But switching it on isn’t enough. You need to make sure that its availability is a very prominent feature of your online information. It should be listed first on your amenities page. Make it part of the front page of your site. As much as 38% of hotel goers will completely skip a hotel if there is no Wi-Fi. Adding it will fill your rooms.

Work With Us to Enhance Your Customer Experience

Social Media is the future of advertising, especially with respect to goods and services. After you get free Wi-Fi, be sure to also share links to your good reviews. We can help you to encourage your guests to share this information or to like your posts. We’ll help make it easy for them to do so. Regardless of your feelings about social media, it is currently the most effective way to engage with existing customers and reach new ones. Social media can help you build your reputation via “word of mouth.” When you offer free Wi-Fi, it can become very easy to reach a wider audience and generate leads. When you work with us to add A free Wi-Fi offering to your business, you will see your customer base expand. We can re-direct customers to a promotion for sharing or liking your social media pages or we can re-direct them to a review site. Over 94% of worldwide travelers factor in reviews when choosing a hotel. The greater the number of positive reviews you have, the more likely it is that potential customers will spot your listing, trust your brand, and check-in. Whichever way you choose to go, you will be happy with the positive results that adding free Wi-Fi for your customers can bring.